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Daniel Lair
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Daniel Lair If you ever wondered what Mega Man X music would sound like on the Game Boy, then you... have found the answer to your random question! It seems like it would be a simple answer, but then it evolves into an awesome answer with this album. Favorite track: Climb The Tower (Boomer Kuwanger - Mega Man X).


Maverick is an EP of chipmusic inspired by the soundtrack of the Mega Man X series for SNES. This album was written with the music tracker software LSDj ( ) and recorded on a single Nintendo Gameboy ( model DMG-01 )

Mega Flare writes:
Maverick is a chaser ride back to my childhood when I would play Mega Man X with my big bro. Tracking these songs brought back some of the feelings of wonder and dread from the MMX series. It was a challenge working complex 16-bit melodies into one LSDj cart but I some how pulled it off. My hope was to pay homage to the composers who inspired me.

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released December 3, 2013

Written and recorded by Mega Flare
Based on the Mega Man X series by Capcom
Originally composed by Toshihiko Horiyama, Yuko Takehara and Yuki Iwai
Mastered by Chris Davidson for GameChops 2013
Artwork by Bonus-Level ( )




GameChops Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

GameChops is a record label dedicated to electronic video game remixes, founded by Dj CUTMAN.

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